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Did anyone else despise the ending of Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Part Two as much as I did? I know Ken Levine wanted to kill off the series, but geeze. Spoilers ahead.

This came to me last night, after having finished the DLC for the second time.

...Elizabeth's mind raced frantically as she saw the men awaiting her at the end of the dank, dripping access passage. She *knew* a messy death awaited her as soon as she handed the Ace in the Hole over to Atlas, her usefulness to the man's plan then being at an end, her weapons gone, no Eve to power her plasmids. In a seeming irrelevancy, Booker's voice, faint, in the back of her head reading from one of her physics textbooks, said, "....quantum entanglement is only demonstrated when one of the particles is observed, and the waveform of the entangled particle or particles collapses simultaneously."

"What?" Silence. Thinking furiously as she walked forward slowly, "...if the wave form is collapsed by observation, then my situation is that of an entangled particle. What if the particle...escapes being observed? Or...changes state?"

She stopped in front of the pack of desperate, ruthless men, one holding a struggling Sally by her emaciated arm. "Have you got it?" said Atlas.

"I've got it. Right here." She took a deep breath. All her instincts told her she would die, here in this stinking tenement at the bottom of the ocean, unless she could come up with something *now*. Then it hit her. "You do have someone who's cracked Suchong's private code, besides me, right?"

Atlas stopped in mid-pace. "What?" She held out the paper to him. The indecipherable chemical symbols filling out the page were clearly incomprehensible, judging by the look on his face. "OK, missy, then why don't you tell me what this says, an' we can get on with our 'little war', as I think you called it?"

"Not so fast," she said. "If you don't have this code cracked, then remember - the only key you've got for it is in *my* head. Andrew Ryan called me a 'rube', back in the Silverfin, but I really don't think either of us is, do you? Kill me, and if you need more of Suchong's notes on the Ace cracked quickly, you're out of luck, aren't you?"

Atlas glowered, and in that instant...something *changed*. Elizabeth felt her powers, her connection to her other selves throughout the Universes, come rushing back in a tidal wave of force. Suddenly, the tableau before her froze, and a pair of familiar, supercilious voices spoke from behind her. A thrill rushed through Elizabeth, as Roger Lutece said, "Hmpf. You were right, sister, she did figure it out."

"Of course she did. We left her enough clues," said Rosalind. "All it took was for her to escape the observation we made that this was the moment of her death, and the quantum superposition ends."

Elizabeth smiled happily. "So what happens now?"

"Now, my dear girl?"said Rosalind, kindly. Why that -"

" - would be telling." said Roger. "Why don't we just go on, and *see* for ourselves, instead?" Both Luteces extended a hand.

"Wait - what about..." Visions rushed into her head, of Sally escaping in the rush of confusion over her own disappearance, of Atlas managing to get the activation phrase deciphered by the other members of Suchong's research team (hastening poor Gil Alexander's descent into madness along the way), of the Ace - Jack Ryan - arriving in Rapture, and his subsequent rescue of both himself, and the Little Sisters. Smiling, she took the proffered hands, and simply said, "Yes. Let's do."
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